How to Store Glitter Glue Bottles, Alcohol Inks

When storing Glitter Glue or any type of (Ink or Glue) air which is part (Oxygen) is your enemy an naturally occurring  oxidant will set or harden Inks or glues in just hours.

 How many of us have opened a glue bottle to return a week or so later to use the same product again to find the nozzle is blocked. Even when you re-placed the cap as instructed. The solution is simple store your item inverted. Yes, upside down! Any air in the bottle will leave the nozzle rise to the bottom of the bottle sucking up the content out of the opening and preserving the content. this procedure will save you time and money. Products like the Glitter Glue Organizer was design with this concept of inverted storage. The Glitter Glue Organizer allows the user to see all the colors and yet the tray holds firm in place the Glitter glue Bottle.

Picture of Glitter Glue Organizer